Build a powerful personal brand

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So you already have a brand, you just have to make sure it’s powerful, and true to who you really are.

In today’s competitive India, it is no longer enough to have substantial hard and technical skills. Even for graduates, a degree and good academic skills are just enough to somehow get a first job. But once they are in an organization, much more is needed. To be valued as a high-performer, an employee needs to offer unique value, work with purpose, collaborate with stakeholders to achieve a goal, and build meaningful professional relationships.

And the best way to do this, is not by hiding behind technical skills (“let my work speak for itself”), but by starting with a vision, and leveraging one’s unique identity, strengths, and skills, and building a powerful professional presence, to achieve that vision. Fuelled well, this authentic branding of the employees will help them to inspire others, empower them to build more effective collaboration within and outside the organization, and also help them to focus on fulfilling their professional mission in life, instead of indulging in job-hopping for quick and marginal monetary gains.


Who is it for

  • Work experience: 0-10 years
  • Age range: 20-35
  • Profile: Young & mid career managers who are competent and knowledgeable but unable to be visible, in seizing opportunities & do not reflect consistency across platforms about what they stand for.
  • Academically brilliant, but falling short in comparison with others with respect to smartness and professional presence. May be lacking charisma.



  • Increased productivity and employee engagement
  • Improved work relationships between stakeholders
  • Higher employee retention


₹68.00 ₹50.00


  • 2 Day Course Content
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