Power point for Beginners

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Introduction – Part 1

Section 1 -Transcript

Hi, my name is ______________, and today I’ll be helping you to understand the basics of PowerPoint. Through this course, you will learn how to use PowerPoint to make various kinds of presentations. For those who have confusion about whether or not this software is for them, I’ll try to clear your doubts and answer all the questions to the best of my ability. I will also help you to understand

  • Why do you need to learn PowerPoint?
  • The advantages of learning and using PowerPoint.
  • The possible disadvantages of the software.

The next video will give you a little more information about the course, its structure, and its contents. This course is entirely free and will help you decide whether you want to opt for the advanced courses. Even if you don’t want to opt for the advanced courses; or don’t have any technical knowledge, don’t worry. It’s a simple and easy course that is laid out properly and systematically for you to understand.

Course Content

Total learning: 6 lessons Time: 10 weeks


₹199.00 ₹10.00