How to set goals and achieve them

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Every person needs a direction in life that will help them to stay motivated and focused. People who do not have a sense of direction often end up getting lost in life. Moreover, they tend to take up unwanted paths that lead them away from their true potential. 

Goals give people a sense of direction and help them to stay focused. Setting goals also helps them to stay motivated and focused. It gives them a sense of direction, understands their true potential, and make their life more meaningful. 

People who set goals understand their true potential, follow the right path, and work hard are those who achieve their goals. Being successful doesn’t only mean having a big bank balance. It means that you have used your life well and have optimized your potential. 

Studies have revealed that close to 86% of people often deviate from their path only because they do not have a goal. Close to 9% of people have a goal, but they do not know how to go about achieving them. Close to 5% of people have a purpose and also focus on making it.  

To end this part of the first section, I just want to say, being successful is not defined to your bank balance. It is about how you live your life, optimize yourself, and live up to your true potential. 

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₹199.00 ₹10.00