Do not be a manager, Become a Manager

In any organization, management plays a vital role in the success and productivity of the company. For proper and smooth operations, people are given various roles and responsibilities. While some excel in handling their team, few often face multiple challenges. The key to a successful and productive team lies in the hands of the manager.  This article will help you to understand how to be a good manager. It will also highlight the difference between a good manager and a bad one.

What are the qualities or traits of a bad manager?

  • They only think about the money and not the responsibilities

One of the most prominent traits of a bad manager is that he/she only thinks about money. No doubt, it is a motivational factor; however, some people take things to an extreme level. Managers who are concerned only about money do not bother to understand their team. Moreover, they use unethical ways to achieve their target. 

  • They do not deal with people properly

Being a manager also requires you to deal with the people under you. Sometimes, you may also stand up and become a friend to understand the challenges that your team is facing. A bad manager is one who does not take the active interest to understand his/her team. This often results in a lack of empathy and trust amongst the manager and the team. In the long run, this gap tends to become the sole reason why a team is not performing correctly. 

  • A bad manager never works under the TEAM concept

When you handle a team, everyone must contribute and works as a team. A bad manager often tends to look down on his/her teammates and does things on his/her own. Most of the time, the person will take on unnecessary workload only because he/she thinks the team is not capable enough. This often leaves the team feeling left out and starts to resent the manager. 

  • They have a very rigid and fixed mindset

A growth mindset is equally important when you consider how to be a good manager. The more you learn, the better you are at guiding your team. Being a manager also means that you should have the capability to learn new skills and techniques. This way, you can help your team to overcome any challenge. A bad manager often does not consider the importance of a growth mindset. 

  • A bad manager has trust issues

Trust is one of the most crucial foundations of any team. When there is no trust between the manager and his teammates, it can lead to various problems. A bad manager is a person who will have his or her favorites. These people are totally under the manager’s control and will do anything to make the manager happy. Even when it comes to recommending someone for a promotion or appraisal, they tend to turn to only people they can control or trust.  

  • They do not like their job 

When you have a manager who is only working for the sake of it, things become complicated. The fact that you have an unmotivated person heading a team is a red flag on its own. Such people do not bother much about how the team performs; Moreover, they also do not take any initiative to make things better. This is one of the most prominent qualities or traits of a bad manager. 

Understanding the qualities or traits of a good manager

  • They speak less and listen more

A good manager is a person who can listen to the people in his team. This is a person who believes in bringing out the best in his teammates. He or she prefers to be more of a friend and will also help to understand the personal issues that may result in a lack of performance. 

  • Motivates the team to do better

Motivation plays a significant role in a successful and productive team. Naturally, things may hit rock bottom, or a project may become unsuccessful. A good manager knows how to motivate his/her team and boosts the team’s morale. 

  • Handles failures properly

Not every day is a success. There are times when things can become a failure. In such cases, a good team manager knows how to handle the failure and overcomes it. He/She does not waste time dwelling in the past. Instead, this is a person who finds ways to move ahead and work even better and harder.  The never say die attitude is essential when you want to learn how to be a good manager.

  • Is open to suggestions and feedbacks

Just as how it is vital to provide feedback and suggestions to your teammates. Similarly, a good manager also needs to accept feedback and suggestions. Sometimes, people come up with good ideas or suggestions that can help the team in many ways. A good manager not only receives such suggestions or feedback but also works towards implementing it. 

  • Delegates work according to people skills 

When you delegate work based on an individual’s capabilities, you can be sure that you will get a fantastic result. A manager who understands his teammates’ strengths and weaknesses is a person who can achieve anything. This is also one of the most prominent qualities of how to be a good manager. The overall results speak for itself because the team completes its targets within the set time. 

  • Replaces the I with the WE

When you work in a team, it is no longer about the I. Working in a team requires you to have the WE attitude. Every member of the team is essential and should be treated that way. This is one of the most vital qualities or traits of a good manager. His/Her thinking changes from an individual perspective and looks out for the team. 

A final note on how to be a good manager

When you become a manager, your work and responsibilities increase. Many factors determine how to be a good manager, but very few understand them. The points covered in this article are just some of the many traits of being a manager.